Invited Workshops and Short Courses

The following proposals have been invited to the 2020 NACCB Program.  This list is subject to change pending decisions of organizers. Visit the Workshops and Short Courses Page to learn more about this session type.

Workshops and Short Courses
Workshop: Addressing the Human Dimensions of Conservation: Planning for Community-Based Conservation Engagement – Organizer(s): James Danoff-Burg, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens; Terry O’Connor, Terry O’Connor Consulting LLC; Luis Ramirez, Denver Zoological Foundation
Workshop: Essential Leadership Skills for Conservation Biologists: Conflict Management at Work – Organizer(s): Courtney Quinn, Furman University
Short Course: Introductory Training in the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation – Organizer(s): Andrew Bridges, Institute for Wildlife Studies; Quinn Shurtliff, Veolia; James Goetz, Cornell University Department of Natural Resources
Workshop: Using HexSim to Develop Spatial-Explicit Individual-Based Simulation Models – Organizer(s): Nathan Schumaker, US Environmental Protection Agency; Julie Heinrichs, Colorado State University
Workshop: Behavior Change for Climate Change: Fostering Solutions that Match the Scale of the Problem – Organizer(s): Lauren Watkins, Impact by Design and the Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group of SCB
Workshop: Specimen Preparation and Museums: Utilizing Trap Mortalities for Conservation Efforts – Organizer(s): Andrea Carrillo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Short Course: Primer on Behavior Change for Conservation – Organizer(s): Kenneth Wallen, University of Idaho; Xoco Shinbrot, Cornell University; Hilary Byerly, University of Colorado; Alia Dietsch, The Ohio State University; Brooke Tully, Independent
Workshop: Species Distribution Modeling for Conservation with Wallace – Organizer(s): Peter Galante, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History; Mary Blair, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History; Manette Sandor, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
Short Course: Giving Voice to Nature: Threshold setting and data analyses for ecological monitoring – Organizer(s): Stephen McCanny, Parks Canada; Joe DeVivo, National Park Service
Workshop: Leveraging untapped audiences for conservation – Organizer(s): Stefan Ekernas, Denver Zoological Foundation; Erica Garroutte, Denver Zoological Foundation; Shantini Ramakrishnan, Denver Zoological Foundation
Workshop: Interactive Science Communication Workshop – Organizer(s): Nate Bickford, Colorado State University Pueblo; Elizabeth Peterson, Colorado State University-Pueblo; Sonja Bickford, University of Nebraska Kearney
Workshop: Building a Better Fieldwork Future: Preventing & Managing Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Field – Organizer(s): Melissa Cronin , UC Santa Cruz
Workshop: Camera Trap Technology Workshop, 2020 – Organizer(s): Ariel Hammond, Rutgers University
Workshop: Collecting and Reporting the Costs of Conservation Interventions – Organizer(s): Gwenllian Iacona, Resources for the Future
Workshop: Quantitative Social Science Research Methods: Surveys, Direct Observation and Automated Counting Systems – Organizer(s): Deonne VanderWoude, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks; Anna Reed, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks; Heidi Seidel, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks
Workshop: Learning to collaborate in and out of the classroom: A toolkit for more inclusive conservation – Organizer(s): Suzanne Macey , American Museum of Natural History; Ana Porzecanski, CBC, American Museum of Natural History
Workshop: Art, Nature, Imagination, and Belonging – Organizer(s): Maureen Ryan , Dark Creature LLC; Meredith McClure, Conservation Science Partners; Priya Nanjappa, Conservation Science Partners
Workshop: Conservation and Art: Exploring the importance of the intersection of art and science – Organizer(s): Frances Ngo , National Park Service / Student Conservation Association; Keren Alfred, University of Iowa Center for the Book; Martha Groom, University of Washington
Workshop: Collaborative Conservation Among Diverse Stakeholders: Building understanding and skills for practical application – Organizer(s): John Sanderson, Colorado State University; Kim Skyelander, Center for Collaborative Conservation, Colorado State University
Short Course: Conservation Policy Crash-Course for Scientists – Organizer(s): Michael Evans, Defenders of Wildlife; Jacob Malcom, Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Conservation Innovation; Andrew Carter, Defenders of Wildlife