SCB North America’s Education Committee

Education News

The Education Committee is transitioning to new administration with the election of Steve Trombulak as Vice-President for Education and Chapters.  Steve is returning to his involvement with SCB governance and education, having been the chair of the Education Committee for SCB-Global (1999-2004) as well as being a past-president of the North American section (2004-2006).

During 2018, the SCBNA Education Committee will focus on the following activities:

  • Increasing opportunities for educators to participate in NACCB 2018
  • Increasing educational opportunities for everyone at NACCB
  • Strengthening the professional “pipeline” for students who want to work as conservation biologists
  • Facilitating student travel, presentation awards, & other student activities at the congress
  • Harnessing the combined energies of the North American chapters to work collaboratively on conservation challenges.
  • Re-examining the published “Principles of Conservation Biology,” which has served as a curricular guide for those seeking to develop educational resources in our field

If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and joining us in the work on any of these topics, please write to Steve Trombulak (  New members of the committee are always welcome!

About SCBNA’s Education Committee

SCB North America’s Education Committee exists to facilitate and carry out initiatives designed to increase ed

ucator & student representation within SCBNA through various activities, including student events, travel and presentation awards, training opportunities, and engagement on all levels within conservation science and education. The committee is in development and will host additional information on education initiatives on this page. Please stay tuned for updates!

Committee Members:

  • Steve Trombulak, Vice Precident for Education & Chapters, Chair
  • Shelly Alexander
  • John Cigliano
  • Jacqualine Grant
  • Jessa Madosky
  • Jessica Pratt