EID: SCB North America’s Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee

SCB North America’s newly formed Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee exists to facilitate and carry out initiatives designed to promote equity, inclusion and diversity within both SCBNA and will work to increase equity, inclusion and diversity in the field of conservation across all levels – including the public, students, professionals, and leaders in the field. The committee is in development and will host additional information on EID policies and initiatives on this page. Please stay tuned for updates!

EID Committee:

Sergio Avila, Interim Chair

Jessa Madosky, SCBNA President

Jamie Hogberg

Robin Roth, University of Guelph

Becky Raboy

Sheila Colla, York University

Kai Chan, SCBNA Board, University of British Colombia

Nick Cragoe, University of Illinois

Sarah King, Colorado State University

Brittany King