Invited Symposia

The following proposals have been invited to participate in the 2020 NACCB Scientific Program.  This list is subject to change pending decisions of organizers. Visit the Symposia Page to learn more about this session type.

Session Title
Understanding illicit trade of wild flora and fauna in the Americas – Organizer(s): Tara Easter, University of Michigan
Innovative approaches for identifying and managing climate-change refugia – Organizer(s): Jennifer Cartwright, U.S. Geological Survey; Diana Stralberg, University of Alberta; Toni Lyn Morelli, U.S. Geological Survey
Collaboration Among Diverse Stakeholders for Successful Plant Conservation – Organizer(s): Rebecca Hufft, Denver Botanic Gardens
Prioritization in Conservation: Tools and Considerations – Organizer(s): Amanda Liczner, York University; Shelby Gibson, York University; Junaid Khan, York University; Genevieve Rowe, Wildlife Preservation Canada
Insect Declines: Case Studies, Probable Causes, and Solutions – Organizer(s): Tara Cornelisse, Center for Biological Diversity; Sarina Jepsen, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
Identifying and overcoming limitations of landscape conservation plan implementation – Organizer(s): Travis Belote, The Wilderness Society; Greg Aplet, The Wilderness Society
A Continental Approach to a Global Problem: Addressing the Pollination Crisis in North America – Organizer(s): Gary Krupnick, Smithsonian Institution; Kelly Rourke, Pollinator Partnership
Getting your ducks, bats & butterflies in a row: spatial subsidies of migratory species systems inform conservation governance in a telecoupled world – Organizer(s): Jonathan Derbridge, University of Arizona
The Emerging Coastal Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation – Organizer(s): Patrick Crist, PlanIt Forward
Defining and Measuring Climate Adaptation “Success” in the Conservation Sector – Organizer(s): Guillaume Peterson St-Laurent, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia; Molly Cross, Wildlife Conservation Society; Lauren Oakes, Wildlife Conservation Society | Stanford University; Shannon Hagerman, University of British Columbia
Making Connections: Lessons from a Decade of Partnership for Safe Passage – Organizer(s): Marta Brocki, ARC Solutions; Renee Callahan, ARC Solutions
Crossing the divide: Grassland conservation for wildlife and people – Organizer(s): Ana Davidson, Colorado State University; Chamois Anderson, Defenders of Wildlife
Conservation in the age of ecological transformation: concerted and targeted science to support management decisions – Organizer(s): Shelley Crausbay, Conservation Science Partners, Inc.; Karen Prentice, Bureau of Land Management
Applying Behavioral Science to Solve Conservation Challenges – Organizer(s): Erik Thulin, Center for Behavior and the Environment, Rare; Kenneth Wallen, University of Idaho
Conservation design: combining conservation biology approaches with design to deliver large-scale conservation solutions – Organizer(s): Jessie Golding, Rocky Mountain Research Station, University of Montana; Michael Schwartz, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Connectivity Conservation: Integrating Economics and Ecology for Connectivity Across Landscapes – Organizer(s): Melanie Murphy, University of Wyoming; H. Jo Albers, University of Wyoming
Using Marketing & Engagement Strategies to Achieve Conservation Goals – Organizer(s): Brooke Tully, Conservation Marketing & Engagement Working Group
Federal science and landscape conservation: partners in applied science – Organizer(s): Rebecca McCaffery, US Geological Survey
Boundary-spanning science in North America, highlighting interdisciplinary conservation research at the Smithsonian Institution – Organizer(s): Amy Hruska, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; Iara Lacher, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute; Allison Tracy, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
20 years of Cooperation for Conservation of Wildlife in the Northeast U.S. – Organizer(s): John Kanter, National Wildlife Federation; Karen Terwilliger, TCI Inc
Leveraging big data, new software, and high performance computing platforms to accelerate the co-production and impact of conservation applications – Organizer(s): Tony Chang , Conservation Science Partners; Kimberly Hall, The Nature Conservancy; Brett Dickson, Conservation Science Partners
Conservation on private lands – Understanding landowners and landscapes for enduring private lands conservation – Organizer(s): Jessica Cavin Barnes, Virginia Tech, North American Bird Conservation Initiative; Ashley Dayer, Virginia Tech, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation; Drew Bennett, University of Wyoming
Nature and human health: understanding and applying the mental and physical health benefits of time spent in nature – Organizer(s): Josh Lawler, University of Washington; Greg Bratman, University of Washington; Usha Varanasi, University of Washington