North America Chapters

The Society for Conservation Biology supports a diversity of local chapters, many of which are located in North America. SCBNA works to support North America chapter initiatives and events; facilitate participation in local policy work; promote chapter member travel to sectional and global meetings; and provide organizational structure. SCBNA’s Board includes a North America Chapters Representative who serves on the Global Chapters Committee, and chairs the newly formed (July 2018) ad-hoc Chapter Committee within the North America Section.

How to start a new chapter

While SCBNA provides support for existing chapters, all new chapters are formed and registered through the global SCB office. Refer to the chapters resources page on the global SCB website for instructions and guidelines to help you form your chapter. You can also contact SCB,, for more information.

SCBNA Chapters News

SCBNA Chapters Committee Members:

  • Alysha Cypher, Chair, North American Representative
  • Steve Trombulak
  • Jessica Pratt
  • Jeremy Dertien
  • Alex Killion
  • Rebecca McCaffery
Photo Gallery

Send us images of your chapter meetings and activities!  Send photos and descriptions to Jeremy Dertien (jdertie “at” Make sure to include that you have and give permission to display the images.

How to comment on public policy

The SCBNA Policy Committee (SNAP committee) is available to help you prepare and submit public policy statements. See resources and detailed instructions for North American Chapters.

Highlighted Stories

Submit a story about recent chapter activities to be highlighted on the website. Please include 2 – 3 photos of chapter members participating in the activity and/or the outdoor environment, if applicable. Send images and stories to jdertie “at”

More questions or ideas? Contact us!

As the SCBNA Chapters committee develops, we would love to hear from you about what kind of content you would like to see on this webpage. We want to provide the best resources and guidance for SCBNA chapters. As we continue to improve, please share questions, ideas, and other comments so that we can provide the best resources possible. Thanks! Please send any questions or ideas to