NACCB 2024 is quickly approaching! Please see below for current updates on the conference!

Introducing NEW elements at #NACCB2024!

Immerse in transformational learning throughout our conference!

What is transformational learning?

1. Nature Immersion: 

Take a break from conference programming and explore nature on the UBC campus w/ journaling &  refreshments

June 25, 27 @ 10-11 AM
June 26 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

 2. Reflection Sessions:

Engage in meaningful, transformative conversations about your experience during NACCB

Gallery Patio and Lounge

June 25 – 27 @ 4 -5 PM

3. Art-in-Conservation:

Use art as a medium to portray biodiversity loss & call-to-action in response!

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

June 25 – 27 @ 12:30 – 2:00 PM

with some additional sessions @ 2 – 4 PM

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#NACCB2024‘s plenaries page is NOW

During our opening plenary, we will join COMPASS to talk about how to find and share a compelling conservation science story!


#NACCB2024 online program is now live!
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In the 2nd part of our Career Conversations series next Friday, May 31st @ 2 PM EST, we will continue to hear from professionals working in the conservation field, specifically in the non-profit and private sectors. Our panelists will be on hand to answer your questions about what work and life are like in their career paths. Topics might include educational requirements, important skills to build, and what day-to-day life looks like in their workplaces.

***All attendees will also receive a special extended early bird registration rate for NACCB 2024!

Panelists for the non-profit and private sectors panel include:

Peter Soroye, Key Biodiversity Areas Assessment and Outreach Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Alison Ormsby, Forest Specialist, Adventure Scientists

Mike Chang, Director, Cascadia Consulting Group

Amrita Gupta, Applied Research Scientist, Microsoft AI for Good Lab

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Thank you for the active engagement from all those who joined us in part 1 of the panels! 

Hope to see you in part 2!

Registration for #NACCB2024 field trips closes TOMORROW! Be sure to secure your spot for these amazing learning experiences about the local environments, conservation projects, and cultures!

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