The NACCB 2022 Abstract and Bonus Proposal Submissions are now OPEN!

That’s right, we’re opening a bonus Call for Proposals for Workshops, Short courses, Symposia and Interactive sessions (plus a new Organized Networking Session!).

This new session gives you the opportunity to create a networking session open to all conference attendees! These sessions can be tailored to students, LGBTQA+ members, conservation disciplines, and endless other topics/target participants ⭐️

The submission deadline for both abstracts and proposals is February 4, 2022. If you didn’t get to submit a proposal in the Fall, you have another chance to do so this Winter.

We invite you to submit to share your ideas, research, and/or work!

You’ve got this 👏

Learn how to submit yours for NACCB 2022 here:

Organized Networking Session Proposal information:

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new SCBNA Communications Intern and Conference Assistant, Jules Duran!

Jules is currently applying to graduate programs focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Environmental Conservation. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech and is from Washington, D.C. She also has a background in wildlife field biology and social media analytics.

We are very excited to have her helping with SCBNA communications and #NACCB2022!

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we are taking the opportunity to highlight Latinx leaders working in conservation who inspire us!

Today we get to learn about Miriam Hernandez! We asked her about her career and her experiences as a Latina working in conservation.

Thank you again to the SCBNA team for featuring me in the Hispanic Heritage month profile! It’s an honor to be highlighted. I am the Finance Manager on the Society for Conservation Biology Global Services team and assist with finances and administrative operations of the Society. I am proud to be a Hispanic woman working for the Society and among many colleagues that care about conservation, protecting our planet and its flora and fauna and disseminating conservation practices around the world.

The Latinx community is vast and diverse with passionate people connected and committed to the protection and well-being of our Earth. To be a part of this community means to protect what we cherish and look out for one another. From my upbringing, I was taught that Earth provides everything we need to survive: food, shelter, water. Earth provides life so it is my, and our, purpose to take care of it, to be stewards of the Earth. I love being part of an organization that strives to make a difference in the world whatever way it can and cares about connecting scientists, students and professionals from all countries, backgrounds, beliefs. Everything from ICCBs and webinars to programs and journals, SCB aims to provide as many resources as possible for members. Knowing that I am a piece of the puzzle working to advance conservation efforts makes me feel proud and happy and I hope to be an example to others around me.

Thank you so much to Miriam for sharing with us!

Check out our profiles of other Latinx leaders in conservation who were generous enough to share their stories with us: Mayor Regina RomeroMirna Manteca, and Sergio Avila.