SCBNA’s Student Affairs Subcommittee

The Student Affairs Subcommittee is dedicated to organizing activities and events that benefit undergraduates, graduate students, and early-career professionals in the field of conservation. The Subcommittee plans networking and professional development activities for students at NACCB and via other avenues, such as the 2021 webinar series described below.

If you are interested in joining the Student Affairs Subcommittee to help shape these activities, please contact SCBNA Student Representative, Anna Weber, at

2021 SCBNA Student Affairs Webinar Series

SCB North America’s Student Affairs Committee is hosting a 2021 webinar series on topics of interest to conservation students, early-career professionals, and others!

Webinars are available to both SCB members and non-members. Webinars will be recorded and posted to the SCBNA YouTube Page – subscribe so you are notified when new recordings are posted!

January: Non-Traditional Careers in Academia – View Recording Here

Not all academic careers in ecology and conservation are alike! In this webianr we learned from accomplished academics in “non-traditional” academic positions.

This webinar consisted of an interactive panel with questions from the audience. Panelists included Dr. Robin Dunkin, Assistant Teaching Professor at UC Santa Cruz, Dr. Elliott Hazen of NOAA/NFMS and UC Santa Cruz, and Dr. Jessica Pratt, Associate Professor of Teaching at UC Irvine.

February : Careers Outside of Academia: Agencies & Consulting Firms – View Recording Here

In this webinar we learned from accomplished professionals with experience in agency and consulting academic positions related to conservation biology, how they navigated their career pathways, and advice on pursuing conservation careers outside of academia.

This webinar consisted of an interactive panel with questions from the audience. Panelists included Dr. Rebecca McCaffery, Wildlife Biologist at the U.S. Geological Service Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, Dr. Alysha Cypher, postdoctoral researcher at the Prince William Sound Science Center, and Lauren Jonaitis, M.S., Environmental/Coastal Scientist at Moffatt & Nichol.

March: Conservation in Practice – More information coming soon!

Committee Members:

Anna Weber, SCBNA Student Representative, Chair
Melissa Cronin
Wendy Bragg
Taylor White
Kelly Keen
Timothy Brown
Christa Seidl
Rachel Skubel
Ando Rabearisoa
Udit Bhatta
Sara Colby
Veronica Champine
Olivia Davis
Rachel Darling
Stephanie Miller
Jennifer Waldo
Michael McDonough