Short Course & Workshop Proposals: Requirements & Instructions

Short courses and workshops will primarily be scheduled as pre- and post-congress activities to minimize conflicts with symposia or contributed paper sessions (scheduling as per logistics and travel constraints, but dates finalized on course acceptance). Sessions should be aimed at development of professional skills in topics of key relevance to the practice of conservation.  Proposals must contain the following information:

  1. Short Course or Workshop title
  2. Organizer(s) name, affiliation and complete contact information, including email address
  3. Duration –between 2 – 16 hours
  4. Proposed theme and justification for why the topic is appropriate and significant for this conference with consideration (broad or specific relevance) to the theme, Conservation Science, Policy, and Practice: Connecting the Urban to the Wild (300 word limit)
  5. An abstract describing the session. This abstract will be used to advertise the session. (300 word limit)
  6. Detailed description of the session including a list of proposed topics and a list of confirmed speakers/presenters and contact information. (850 word limit)
  7. Maximum number of participants
  8. Room set up
  9. Session organizer(s), moderator(s), presenter(s) and participants must agree to the participation policy.

Important: Session organizers will be provided with AV package options and pricing upon acceptance of a proposal. Organizers are responsible for covering all AV, catering, and additional equipment/printing costs.  Organizers can cover catering and AV costs (orders will be placed by SCBNA) by charging a registration fee for the course or workshop. SCBNA will not be able to distribute remaining funds to organizers.  The conference committee will work with organizers to determine an appropriate price level for registration, and minimum number of attendees. Organizers may instead choose to cover these costs via sponsorship or other means if obtained.  Costs beyond AV and catering must be covered in a manner separate from registration fees. If a workshop or short course does not obtain the minimum number of attendees required to cover costs, the session may need to be cancelled.  The conference committee will inform organizers of such event in a timely manner.

For additional questions, contact: