Call for Proposals: NACCB 2020

The Society for Conservation Biology North America (SCBNA) is searching for the next location to host the North American Congress for Conservation Biology!

This event brings together conservation professionals and students working across a wide variety of disciplines and institutions for discussion, innovation, and opportunities in science. The goal of NACCB is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing new research, developments, and strategies that will inform policy changes and conservation practices to address today’s conservation challenges. Most importantly, these conferences connect our regional community of conservation professionals and serve as the major networking outlet for anyone interested in conservation in North America.

SCBNA has hosted NACCB in the following locations:

If members of your chapter, or individuals from your institution, organization, or university are interested in hosting the next NACCB conference, contact by April 1, 2018 with the following information:

  1. Local SCB chapter name, and a few highlights of recent activities. If you do not have a local chapter yet, this does not preclude you from hosting the conference. SCBNA requires that NACCB be located in an area where a chapter is present, OR will be formed prior to the start of planning efforts. See: for more information on how to start a SCB chapter.
  2. Organization(s), institution(s), agencie(s), universitie(s) and individuals interested to serve on the LOC.
  3. City & venue capacity: potential conference venues, hotels, proximity to major airports, other relevant transportation info. Expected attendees 900 – 1200.
  4. Uniqueness & benefits of location: let us know the highlights of your city or town! (i.e. potential field trip opportunities, areas of interest, other noteworthy facts to consider)


Additional Information:

SCBNA’s staff and board play active roles in planning and hosting the conference, provide guidance to local hosts, and require the support of a dedicated co-chair from a local organization, agency, university, and/or SCB Chapter, as well as willing volunteers to serve on the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). For additional info on various subcommittees of the LOC involved in planning efforts, see:

NACCB planning efforts will begin in August 2018 with dates, venue & hotel(s) selection, contracts, formation of committees, and theme development. Planning efforts will occur on a monthly –  bi-weekly basis until June 2019, and increase beyond this date, with approximate high-level deadlines/efforts as follows:

  • June/July 2019: website development, fieldtrip planning begins
  • Aug 2019: Call for Proposals (Scientific Program)
  • Nov 2019: Call for Abstracts (Scientific Program)
  • Jan 2020: Registration Opens
  • Mar 2020: Create Scientific Program
  • April – July: Continued logistics and preparation
  • Late July 2020: NACCB – 1-2 days fieldtrips & workshops, 3 days scientific program, 1 day fieldtrips & workshops

With questions, contact SCBNA’s Director of Operations, Jamie Hogberg