Education Committee News: An opportunity for grad students and classes to contribute to a global review of connectivity conservation plans

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity offered by SCB North America’s Education Committee & colleagues:

This is an invitation for students and teachers to collaborate with the IUCN’s Connectivity Conservation Specialists Group (CCSG) on a project.  The CCSG has accumulated about 200 “connectivity conservation plans” (CCP) from around the world. We seek graduate student volunteers and/or conservation biology students coordinated by an instructor to characterize each CCP’s goals, methods, types of authors, spatial extent, and other attributes. Eventually the project will determine which attributes are correlated with the extent to which the connectivity plan has been implemented. Your Conservation Biology class – or you as an individual grad student – can assist by volunteering to score plans. It may take a scorer 4-6 hours to score the first CCP, and less time as you gain experience. The resulting publications will acknowledge the contribution of any person scoring at least 10 CCPs by 15 May 2018. To offer help or ask questions, please email – Paul Beier, Gary Tabor, and Annika Keeley.