Scientist sign-on re: border wall impacts on biodiversity

SCBNA supports an invitation to scientists and those working in the environmental policy sphere to sign onto a scientific article expressing unified concern about the US-Mexico border wall’s negative impacts on biodiversity.

A scientific opinion article was recently published in in the journal BioScience with a group of scientists, including Drs. E. O. Wilson, Gerald Ceballos, Thomas Lovejoy, Michael Soule, Paul Ehrlich and others. The article discusses the negative impacts of the US-Mexico border wall on biodiversity and binational conservation, and outlines specific actions Congress should take to prevent further harm to wildlife.

This is an initiative to invite scientists to endorse the article as signatories, and will include their names in the supplemental material when the article is soon published in BioScience.

To see the in-press article “Nature Divided, Scientists United: U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Threatens Biodiversity and Binational Conservation” and add your name as a signatory, click here. This short article can be read in just 5 minutes. By adding your name, you will be included in the list of scientist signatories in the online supplemental material when the article is published in BioScience.