Invited Symposia

The following proposals have been invited to participate in the 2018 NACCB Scientific Program.  This list is subject to change pending decisions of organizers. Visit the Symposia Page to learn more about this session type.

Session Title
Toward a spatially explicit framework for evaluating agricultural and land-use policy trade-offs for wildlife connectivity –  Organizer(s): Matthew A. Williamson, University of California, Davis; Jeremy Pittman, University of Waterloo
Conservation Successes on Private Lands –  Organizer(s): Sara Kross, California State University, Sacramento; Amy Johnson, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Canada’s pathway to meeting Aichi Target 11: current state and next steps –  Organizer(s): Richard Schuster, Carleton University; Jeff Wells, International Boreal Conservation Campaign; Aerin Jacob, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
New Faces of Modern Conservation: Indigenous Protected Areas and the People Who Manage Them –  Organizer(s): Jeffrey Wells, International Boreal Conservation Campaign & Boreal Songbird Initiative; Valerie Courtois, International Boreal Conservation Campaign
Bringing Back the Buffalo: Re-conceptualizing conservation through the Iinnii Initiative –  Organizer(s): Robin Roth, University of Guelph; Erich Keyser, University of Guelph
Applied Transboundary Mammal Research in the Americas –  Organizer(s): Daniel Thornton, Washington State University; Dennis Murray, Trent University
Recovering species at-risk in North America: transferring science-policy knowledge across borders –  Organizer(s): Catarina Ferreira, UFZ – Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany & Department of Biology, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada; Cornelya Klutsch, Trent University
Landscapes of Opportunity: Conserving Large Functioning Systems in Northern Canada and Alaska –  Organizer(s): Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada; Fiona Schmiegelow, University of Alberta
Better connecting science to application by quantifying and promoting connectivity conservation values and actions –  Organizer(s): David M Theobald, Conservation Science Partners; Ken Rait, The Pew Charitable Trusts;
Innovation in Working Landscapes Conservation – Organizer(s): Virginia Capmourteres, University of Guelph; Robin Roth, University of Guelph
Satellites and citizens: Combining observational capabilities to inform conservation –  Organizer(s): Allison K. Leidner, NASA Headquarters, Earth Science Division/ ASTS; Cindy Schmidt, NASA Ames Research Center / BAERI
Power of the people: using citizen science to address big data gaps and engage the public in urban ecology –  Organizer(s): Danah Duke, Miistakis Institute

Nature in the City: Connecting the urban to the wild through green infrastructure initiatives –  Organizer(s): Travis Gallo, Urban Wildlife Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo

Frontiers of Urban Green Space Conservation and Management –  Organizer(s): Christopher A. Lepczyk, Auburn University; Myla Aronson, Rutgers University

The Nexus of Green, Blue, and Grey Infrastructure for Urban Ecosystems and Landscape Connectivity –  Organizer(s): Nina-Marie Lister, Ryerson University; Stephanie Melles, Ryerson University; Namrata Shrestha, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Recovering Endangered Species in the Trump and Trudeau Era –  Organizer(s): Noah Greenwald, Center for Biological Diversity; Brett Hartl, Center for Biological Diversity
Defending the Scientific Integrity of Conservation Policy: Lessons from recent progress and setbacks in Canada and the United States –  Organizer(s): Carlos Carroll, KCCR
Black in Biodiversity –  Organizer(s): Rae Wynn-Grant, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History; Leo Douglas, Columbia University
Fostering Inclusive Conservation:  Emerging approaches for broadening conservation constituencies –  Organizer(s): Harold Eyster, University of British Columbia; Kai Chan, University of British Columbia; Rachelle Gould, UVM; Jamie Hogberg, Society for Conservation Biology North America
Conservation in an uncertain future: translating projections into action –  Organizer(s): Brooke Bateman, National Audubon Society; Chad Wilsey, National Audubon Society
Incorporating local adaptation into conservation: connecting science to practice –  Organizer(s): Cinnamon Mittan; Cornell University, Nicholas Fletcher, Cornell University; Soraia Barbosa; Mariah Meek, Cornell University
Giraffe Conservation: Ecology, Behavior, and Demography –  Organizer(s): Fred B. Bercovitch, Save The Giraffes
Ecosystem Assessment, Restoration, and Conservation in an urban watershed (Anacostia River, Maryland and Washington, D.C.) – Organizer(s): Pamela Collins, DC Chapter of Society for Conservation Biology; Tanja Crk, DC Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology; Trey Sherard, Anacostia Waterkeeper
Biodiversity, Bioenergy, and Sustainability across the Americas –  Organizer(s): Kathleen E Halvorsen, Michigan Technological University
25 Years of conservation science across Yellowstone to Yukon –  Organizer(s): Aerin Jacob, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative; Jodi Hilty, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Conservation Science, Policy, and Practice for Droughts of the 21st Century –  Organizer(s): Shelley Crausbay, Conservation Science Partners; Molly Cross, Wildlife Conservation Society; Kimberly Hall, The Nature Conservancy
Using Monitoring, Restoration, Research, and Policy to Conserve Urban Waterfront- Lake Ontario –  Organizer(s): Rick Portiss, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority; Chris Edge, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Theory and practice of climate adaptation strategies for conservation: strategies, challenges, and opportunities from academics and practitioners –  Organizer(s): Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis, Environment and Climate Change Canada; Cassidy C. D’Aloia, University of Toronto; Marie-Josee Fortin, University of Toronto
Role of Science in Creating Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Markets –  Organizer(s): Carrie Selin, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute; Carrie Selin, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute; Elisa Valade, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network; Majid Iravani, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute; Helene Wagner, University of Toronto
Conserving wild bees in urban habitats: Research, practice, and policy –  Organizer(s): Rebecca Tonietto, University of Michigan – Flint; J. Scott MacIvor

denotes Urban Ecology track