Society for Conservation Biology North America

The North America Section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCBNA) represents the North American continent north of Mexico, including Canada and the United States. Although Mexico is a member of SCB’s Latin America and Caribbean Section, SCBNA members collaborate with Mexican colleagues on transboundary conservation issues. SCBNA works with other scientific societies and conservation organizations based in North America to advance the application of science to conservation policy.

Society for Conservation Biology – Toronto Chapter

SCB Toronto strives to build a network of active conservation biologists from the three local academic research universities – University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson University, as well as government, non-government and private agencies operating within the Greater Toronto Area. Their goal is to facilitate discussion of and solutions to urban conservation biology issues that threaten the function of Toronto’s local ecosystems.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a leader in research and innovation, with significant impact both locally and globally. Their outstanding research scholars are committed to understanding and solving the challenges that face us today – and look forward to what is possible for the future.

Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

WCS Canada’s mission is to save wildlife and wildlands by improving our understanding of and seeking solutions to critical problems that threaten key species and large wild ecosystems throughout Canada.