Overview and Details for NACCB 2020 Symposia Live stream Platform

View a Demonstration Video of Live Stream Platform

Overview: The live-stream platform for NACCB 2020 is a Zoom meeting on the back-end, but is streamed through an interface on the virtual conference program/website.  Attendees access each session by clicking on a live-stream button that will appear to registrants next to your symposium/any live-streamed session in the program (left screenshot below). That will redirect to a live-stream page with the stream count-down on the left and a Q&A pane on the right:

1.) Steps for host/(organizer) access to your Symposia Zoom Meeting

  • You will be provided Zoom log-in credentials to your assigned Zoom meeting. Please start the meeting 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled session.
  • To start meeting: Upon logging in:

On web browser – click on meetings on the left column and then personal meeting room, start meeting.

On Zoom desktop client home window – click New Meeting

All other presenters and organizers should join the meeting with the join link that will also be provided. Only one person should log in as the meeting host.

  • Once logged in, please assign your NACCB 2020 volunteer as a co-host, so they can assist with meeting controls (hover over their name in the participants list, click on the 3 dots/or More next to their name and make co-host). You can assign other organizers co-host roles as well, if desired.
  • Have everyone who will be speaking rename themselves to the name they want to have display.
  • *The meeting will be automatically recording, please do not stop or pause the recording.

2.) Starting the livestream: The audience/conference attendees will not see the meeting until you click “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service under the “More” section on the Zoom controls at the bottom of your screen:

Once the Live streaming service is clicked, the Zoom meeting will be funneled to the conference live stream. Before starting the live stream, make sure everyone except the person introducing the symposium is on mute. Any Q&A admins (see below) on the zoom meeting itself must MUTE the livestream recording playing next to the Q&A pane (there is a 10-second delay from live zoom meeting) prior to the livestream starting. The display screen should be set to speaker view on the meeting host’s (person logged in to the Zoom account) screen (they should see the gallery view option in the top right).:

3.) Individual Presentations during symposium: Whether or not you elect to go fully live or faux live, all symposia organizers will be provided a folder of all pre-recorded individual presentation files for their session more than 24 hours prior to the session start (to have as a back-up if going fully live). We recommend that whoever will be streaming the pre-recorded presentations (or acting as a back-up in the case of fully live) have each individual presentation open on their desktop and ready to play and share before the meeting begins. Likewise, if going fully live, presenters should have their presentations open and ready to go prior to starting the stream.

Fully Live – If going fully live, after the introduction, the first presenter can unmute themselves, share their screen, and give their presentation. The host/moderator can then have a Q&A specific to that presentation, or wait until the end (See Q&A pane instructions below) of the session. Then the second presenter can begin and so on.

Faux Live – After the introduction to the symposium, whoever is streaming the presentations will do the following:

  • Unmute themselves
  • Make sure their computer volume is turned up to a mid-range level.
  • Stop their own video in zoom
  • Click share screen and select the first presentation recording. Before clicking share, they need to click the two boxes at the bottom of the share screen window – share computer sounds and optimize screen sharing for video clip (screenshot below).

  • Make sure recording is in full screen mode
  • Note – the person streaming the recordings can not mute themselves while streaming. This person should ensure that they will have a quiet space for the duration of the session as any background noise will come through during the stream. They can not click away from the presentation while it is playing and their screen is being shared (unless they have a dual screen set-up – need to test before livestream)
  • Upon conclusion of the recorded presentation – The person streaming can stop screen-sharing in between each presentation if desired to allow for Q&A

4.) Panelist Discussion – If the session is concluding with live panelist discussion and Q&A (see below) with all presenters, everyone participating should have their video on, and anyone who isn’t participating should turn their video off. The meeting host can click the Gallery view option in the upper righthand corner, so that the audience will see all speakers, or can leave it on speaker view, so that only the person speaking will be visible. At the conclusion of the session, the meeting host can click stop live stream in the same place they started it. Then the presenters and organizers will be back in a normal zoom meeting.

Question and Answer Pane – Session moderators and organizers have been granted admin access to the Q&A pane, accessed by navigating to your session in the conference program and clicking on the livestream (must be logged in via NACCB portal – then click on access virtual conference program).

Please email megan.keville@scbnorthamerica.org to add or remove Q&A admins.

Admins have access to additional settings not visible to the audience where they can approve, reply, pin, or discard questions (See screenshot below).

Under the “manage” gear at the upper right, questions can be set to auto-approve (recommended) so that admins don’t have to approve every question that comes through. Instead, admins can sort by the categories directly above the questions:

Pinned (only visible to admins), latest, popular (audience can like questions and comments), or discarded questions.
Admins can go in and practice with this tool prior to your sessions – just remember to discard any test questions.

Any Q&A admins on the Zoom meeting itself must MUTE the livestream recording playing next to the Q&A pane (there is a 10-second delay from live zoom meeting). Whoever is running Q&A and discussion should be a Q&A admin and have the Q&A pane open on their screen (but MUTED). You can also assign an additional admin who is not on the zoom meeting to help with question management. Pinning questions as they come in can help the session moderator prioritize questions to ask during Q&As.