SNAP Policy Committee –  NACCB Policy Declaration

The following declaration was presented to the membership of the North America Section of SCB and offered for a vote during the 2018 SCBNA Members Meeting, held Tuesday July 24, 4pm ET at the North American Congress for Conservation Biology. Per the SCBNA bylaws, a majority of the membership constituting atleast 30 members is required to pass this declaration at a members meeting. SCBNA members present voted in favor to approve the policy resolution. The declaration will soon be released to the public and press, amplifying the impact and visibility of the Toronto meeting to the public writ-large.

  • The SCBNA Policy Committee held an Interactive Session from 8:30am – 10am on Monday July 23 at the conference, where attendees worked together to refine and finalize this policy declaration in real time at the conference.
  • This declaration focuses on the conservation of the monarch butterfly, a species whose conservation depends on actions in all habitats from urban to wild. The monarch butterfly has recently been designated an endangered species in Canada under the Species at Risk Act and is being considered for protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.
Read below the final policy declaration –