New Conference Elements!

This year, NACCB is excited to announce the inclusion of three new elements to our conference schedule: (1) Nature Immersion activities, (2) Reflection Sessions, and (3) Art-in-Conservation activities at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. These elements are meant to enhance the experience of our attendees, while incorporating meaningful opportunities for Transformational Learning throughout the Congress. Additional information for individual activities will be included in our Scientific Program over the next few weeks, but you can read more about each type of novel conference element below.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about these new conference elements.

Nature Immersion

Taking place June 25, 27 @ 10-11 AM and June 26 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Location: Natural areas within and around the UBC campus.

During every NACCB, we strive to provide attendees with opportunities to take a break from the “fast-paced” nature of conference programming. However, such breaks are usually limited to morning and evening intermissions where we offer attendees a (much-needed) intake of caffeine and (delicious) snacks. As such, this year we wanted to create space for more refreshing breaks by taking advantage of UBC’s natural surroundings and accessible natural areas. Hence, we decided to create activities meant to encourage immersion in nature throughout the Congress, in order to take advantage of its many benefits and therefore enhance the experience of all attendees throughout our main conference days.

Bring: Some journaling/writing materials (if desired); coffee and snacks will be available prior to the start of activities.

Accessibility: Varied. Some natural areas within and around UBC are not easily accessible (e.g., require climbing up/down multiple steps) but others are fully accessible to all Congress attendees (e.g., the UBC Botanical Garden).

Additional Notes: Activities can be undertaken in a “guided” fashion with specific activity leaders/organizers, or they can be undertaken as a “solo” activity by following the (recommended) instructions on our scientific program. 


Reflection Sessions

Taking place June 25 – 27 @ 4 -5 PM.

Location: Gallery Patio and Lounge (along with other meeting areas)

Similar to our nature immersion activities, we wanted to create space during this year’s conference program to have meaningful, transformative conversations about our attendees’ experience during NACCB. Too often, such conversations are undertaken “after the fact,” and therefore do not capture the immediate reactions and thoughts achieved in response to specific sessions, presentations, and/or conference activities. We seek to change that by providing uninterrupted time for such conversations, in either moderated or unmoderated formats, through the use of guided questions that are focused on some of our key conference themes.

Bring: An open mind and willingness to be vulnerable/honest during group discussions.

Accessibility: All sessions will take place at our conference venue, which is fully accessible for all conference attendees.

Additional Notes: We will offer both “moderated” (led by an individual or group of individuals in a classroom setting) and “unmoderated” (informal groups) sessions, though everyone will be provided with the same guiding questions for discussion.


Art-in-Conservation Activities

Taking place June 25 – 27 @ 12:30 – 2:00 PM, with some additional sessions @ 2 – 4 PM.

Location: Beaty Biodiversity Museum

The use of art as a medium to portray biodiversity loss – and also act as a call-to-action in response to it – has been at the forefront of the conservation movement since its early years and continues to influence it today. This year, we sought to highlight art-in-conservation in a more explicit manner by providing attendees with multiple opportunities to creatively engage in ongoing artistic projects. All of these activities will take place at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on UBC’s campus, and NACCB attendees will be able to enjoy free access to the museum for the duration of the Congress (June 25-27) by showing their NACCB badge to the museum’s Admission Desk.

Bring: An eagerness to participate in different types of artistic activities and to try something new!

Accessibility: All sessions will take place at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, which is fully accessible for all conference attendees.

Additional Notes: No food, drinks, gum, or flowers are permitted in the Museum, except as follows: (1) food and drink are permitted in the Niche Café and in the upper atrium only; (2) water in sealable containers is permitted throughout the Museum.

*The Museum will be fully closed to the public on the weekend before the conference (June 22nd and 23rd) due to a water shutdown and new construction work. It will be available to welcome conference attendees starting Tuesday June 25th, as it is also closed on Mondays.*