Restoring Connections and Building Resilience in a Changed World

The 2022 congress will serve as an opportunity for the North American conservation community to come together after two challenging and transformative years marked by a global pandemic, watershed moments in racial and social justice, and continued escalation of climate change and biodiversity loss. As our theme suggests, we want to speak to the moment we are in – both in conservation biology, and in our work towards more equity, inclusion, and diversity in the field of conservation as well as in our broader society.

Reno, Nevada – a city that has shown resilience in reinventing itself in recent years – is an apt setting for NACCB 2022. The Reno-Tahoe region’s ecologically diverse landscape stretches from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Lake Tahoe to the Great Basin and faces the same climate change and population growth impacts affecting conservation across much of western North America. The conference will bring together an international group of specialists from multiple disciplines as well as engage researchers and land managers locally to tackle these important conservation issues and learn from regional examples.

Through numerous symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses, and field trips, we will advance discourse across conservation disciplines, from biological to social sciences. The 2022 Congress will provide an open platform to foster collaborative partnerships, and to create and adapt emerging ideas, technologies, and methods in conservation science.

The Sixth North America Congress for Conservation Biology will play an important role in advancing science and stimulating conservation action through effective dialogue, networking, and multi-stakeholder engagement. This biennial Congress in North America is critical to our success as conservation professionals.

NACCB 2022 is being planned in cooperation with local partners among the many conservation science organizations based in the Reno-Tahoe area. Thank you to Brooke Weiland  with Brooke Weiland Studios for designing the NACCB 2022 logo and other design elements that capture the conference theme and location: the prickly pear cactus is emblematic of the desert southwest and represents species that survive and thrive in harsh conditions. A diverse community of conservation students and professionals will come together to connect, reconnect, and support each other and our collective mission to conserve Earth’s biodiversity and people’s place within it.