Invited Symposia

The following proposals have been invited to participate in the 2022 NACCB Scientific Program.  This list is subject to change pending decisions of organizers, and we expect more sessions to be added after the second Call for Session Proposals closes. Visit the Symposia Page to learn more about this session type.

Session Title
Incorporating JEDI into Conservation Standards – Organizer(s): Marlyssa Crow, Lacy Consulting Services
Integrating refugia into conservation planning and prioritization in a changed world– Organizer(s): Tina Mozelewski, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Conservation Science Principles for Mapping 30×30 Objectives and Outcomes– Organizer(s): Lindsay Rosa, Defenders of Wildlife; Travis Belote, The Wilderness Society
Modernizing State Wildlife Management to Restore Wildlife Resiliency– Organizer(s): Michael Streight, Wildlife for All; Mikaila Wireman, Wildlife for All
Challenges and opportunities for mainstreaming 30×30 and the post-2020 global biodiversity targets into national conservation policy– Organizer(s): Carlos Carroll, Klamath Center for Conservation Research
Deepening our temporal perspectives: using conservation paleobiology to improve species conservation and environmental management in a changing world – Organizer(s):Sahale Casebolt, University of Florida
Identifying Endangered Ecosystems – Implications for North American Conservation– Organizer(s): Patrick Comer, NatureServe; David Theobald, Conservation Planning Technologies; Reed Noss, lorida Institute for Conservation Science, Conservation Science Inc.
A Road Runs Through It: Reconnecting Landscapes Across (and Under) U.S. Highways – Organizer(s): Kylie Paul and Liz Fairbank, Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Connectivity Conservation for North America: Achievements under the 2020 NACCB Policy Declaration – Organizer(s): Aaron Laur, Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Restoring Ecological Connectivity for Ecosystem Resilience and Biodiversity Conservation– Organizer(s): Annika Keeley, Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Towards effective and actionable climate science: Frameworks and case studies of stakeholder engagement and information use – Organizer(s): Molly Cross, Wildlife Conservation Society
Conservation and recovery of Lahontan cutthroat: an iconic salmonid – Organizer(s): Mary Peacock, University of Nevada, Reno
Examining private sector engagement in biodiversity conservation– Organizer(s): Matthew Selinske, RMIT University
Being with Bison: Balancing Scientific Inquiry and Traditional Ecological Knowledge– Organizer(s): Peter Dratch, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service;Cristina Mormorunni, Wildlife Conservation Society
Bringing Together the African Diaspora to Facilitate North-South Collaborations on Biodiversity Conservation– Organizer(s): Israel Borokini, UC Berkeley
Strategies to Estimate the Costs of 30×30 Protection Actions Over Large Scales in the United States: Approaches, Standards, and Evidence– Organizer(s): Christoph Nolte, Boston University
Integrations Within and Between Citizen Science Efforts and Spatial Decision Support Systems for Conservation– Organizer(s): John Gallo, Conservation Biology Institute
Crowdsourced Science and Community-led Conservation: Gathering, Validating, and Applying Citizen Participation Toward Conservation Goals– Organizer(s): Jennifer Morales, The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University
Wildlife ‘Wins’ in Nevada, from Projects to Policy in the Silver State – Organizer(s): Renee Callahan, ARC Solutions; Nova Simpson, Nevada Dept. of Transportation; Marta Brocki, ARC Solutions